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Welcome new member Fenix Group Inc!

"Our mission is to reduce risk, burden, and cost by equipping corporations and commands with intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that bridge disparate technologies and unify communications at the edge."

Fenix Group's Battlefield Edge Networks are designed to provide for mission critical services at the edge, mitigating reliance on satellite communications, cloud based services, or higher echelon command data networks.

By integrating multi-modal communications systems and edge computing into a single device, Fenix Group's patented edge networks provide for highly available, survivable, and secure broadband (up to 300mbps) edge networks capable serving hundreds of users per node.

Each edge network is also capable of meshing to other nodes over a "meshed-hub-and-spoke" network architecture. Further, our edge networks provide for a virtual "play store" like environment for mission critical services.

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